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Generating a 6-Times Return on Investment for the Handmade Christmas Co in 3 Months

Handmade Christmas Co

September 2017 – December 2017

Project Type

Services Provided
Website Design
eCommerce Development
Social Media Management
Facebook Ads
Google Ads

The Handmade Christmas Co is the UK’s leading personalised Christmas products retailer, delivering smiles to tens of thousands of customers each year. 

The Background 

During the Christmas of 2017, we helped The Handmade Christmas Co reach record revenues, selling their personalised products to more customers than ever before.

With the backdrop of an ever-competitive marketplace, we helped the brand remain the leader in their sector, by marketing to both existing and new customers during a 3-month fully-integrated campaign. 

The Challange 

When approaching Patter, The Handmade Christmas Co had already enjoyed three consecutive successful seasons. With proven products and an existing base of customers, our challenges were to capitalise on the data already held by the brand and to find new customers who hadn’t yet purchased. 

An unoptimised website and a lack of an overall marketing strategy were the two biggest obstacles we faced when our work began with The Handmade Christmas Co. Whilst the foundations were there for the eventual record-breaking success, the brand needed the direction and expertise of Patter to capitalise on the opportunities that the 2017 season presented. 

Shown Above: Mobile screens of the 2017 Handmade Christmas Co website. Visitors could discover, select, personalise and purchase products in just a few taps directly from their mobile phones.

Our Solution

A new website, hundreds of thousands of new website visitors and a deep focus on converting visitors into customers is how we helped The Handmade Christmas Co capitalise during the 2017 season. 

The cornerstone of our work was a brand new website for The Handmade Christmas Co. The previous website was not optimised for conversion, meaning that many visitors who arrived on the site left without making a purchase. To counter this, we designed and developed a new e-commerce site from the ground up, with conversion-optimised design and copy at its core. 

The new site was built on WooCommerce and WordPress and integrated with a third-party provider to allow for real-time personalised product previews. 

Usability, accessibility and speed were our three guiding focal points for the new Handmade Christmas Co website, to make it as easy as possible for every visitor on every device to find, personalise and purchase the products of their choice. 

In order to send customers to the new Handmade Christmas Co website, we focused on three areas of traffic generation; organic social media, Facebook and Instagram ads, and email marketing. 

Through a series of product features, competitions and behind-the-scenes posts, we told the story of the Handmade Christmas Co and converted brand-familiar Facebook and Instagram fans into paying customers. A mix of editorial and call-to-action posts ensured that the brand’s organic social media fans remained engaged throughout the entire season, avoiding audience fatigue.

Shown Above: Organic Facebook posts from the Christmas 2017 season, used to engage Handmade Christmas Co fans and build brand affinity. We late targeted those who engaged with these posts with purchase call to actions.

Making use of product- and category-specific Facebook Ads, new customers were introduced to the Handmade Christmas Co and directed through to the website to make a purchase. On the back of these cold ads, retargeting campaigns were deployed to increase the overall Return on Ad Spend. 

Finally, periodic product feature and sales event email sequences were sent to The Handmade Christmas Co’s mailing list to turn the brand’s pre-existing data into revenue. With email campaigns which were personalised to each recipient based on how they interacted with the previous message, our use of email marketing generated a significant percentage of the season’s revenues. 

The Results 

In the period between October and December 2017, we helped the Handmade Christmas Co generate multiple six-figures in online revenue, from tens of thousands of customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

The culmination of this activity was a Black Friday sales event called ‘Our Biggest Sale Ever’. During the week-long sale, six figures of revenue were generated through the website from over 6,000 customers, with a website conversion rate of nearly 10%.

The result of our work with the Handmade Christmas Co was an almost 600% return on investment and a record-setting year for customers, units sold, average spend per customer and revenue. 

We continue to offer consultancy services to The Handmade Christmas Co as the brand remains as the undisputed leader in the personalised Christmas product space.