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We’re Patter

We help brands win more customers and make more money.

We help brands win more customers and make more money.

We do this in three main ways:

• By creating attention-grabbing paid advertising, to win more clicks

• By building and optimising websites, to convert more clicks into customers, and

• By producing smart email flows, to keep customers coming back for more.

Since 2016, our work has generated millions in additional revenue for the brands we’ve worked with. Some of the brands we’ve helped include Absolute Vans, Candy Kittens, CANOFF, The Handmade Christmas Co, Design Group, and more.


The human-powered agency

We take a people-first approach to marketing. With Patter, you’ll have the best strategic thinkers, sharpest creatives, and most plugged-in marketers on your team.

In a world of AI corner-cutting, we’re on the side of businesses looking for real, sustainable growth. And that’s exactly what we deliver.

Our Values

The principles that help us make winning decisions

📈 Results Over Services

Our clients judge us on the results we generate. No one form of marketing is intrinsically better than another. We will always recommend the services that offer the highest probability of success for our clients. That’s why we do not enter into incentivised partnerships with suppliers, unless they directly benefit our clients.

🧠 Continuous Learning

Platforms change, algorithms alter and consumers continue to act irrationally. That’s why we have a culture of continuous learning, keeping our clients at the forefront of what’s possible in this ever-changing landscape. We will never stop learning.

👋 Principles Before Tactics

Human psychology is at the heart of our marketing. Long-lasting principles will always trump short-term tactics when it comes to delivering meaningful business growth.

🧪 Data-Backed Decisions

We trust our gut, but data speaks louder than opinions. The actions we take are backed by data, allowing for better decisions and more informed reporting.

🤝 Honesty

The relationships we hold with our clients typically span over many years. We’re not in this for the short-term. Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of our business.

On a journey to become a carbon-neutral company

We make a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of the services we offer, by offsetting our carbon footprint and operating in a considerate and sustainable way.

Our office building is rated ‘Excellent’ by BREEAM with sustainable features including rainwater harvesting, movement-sensitive lighting and geothermal heating.

On behalf of our clients, we offset the environmental impact of the websites we host by planting trees through donations to the Woodland Trust.

We continue to find new and innovative ways to become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business, to protect the planet for this and future generations.